It's Confirmed: Angelina Jolie Has Mastered The Art Of Wearing All-Black

What color pairs best with black? More black!

Angelina Jolie wearing an all-black outfit while out with her son Pax
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These days, it seems like everybody wants to reinvent the wheel when it comes to fashion. Whether it's an absurd clothing item or a trend that simply doesn't make sense, celebrities love to wear something that people will talk about. Other times, though, it's the simplest of looks that get people talking the most - a look that seems attainable yet slightly too cool to replicate to the same effect.

A great example of such a concept is none other than Angelina Jolie. The award-winning actress is known for her polished style that's usually made up of closet staples. While it's extremely rare for us to get a peak into Jolie's everyday style, we were treated to two public spottings back to back in NYC. The actress is in town to check out the space for her newest endeavor, Atelier Jolie, and stepped out in head-to-toe black outfits two days in a row. Just yesterday, Jolie's all-black outfit consisted of black sunglasses, a black trench coat, black velvety trousers, and black pointed-toe boots.

Angelina Jolie wearing an all-black outfit

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The day prior, Jolie was seen leaving Atelier Jolie with her daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, dressed in all-black ensembles. Jolie sported a long black coat, black trousers, black-pointed-toe shoes (perhaps the same as her other look?), and a black puffer-style handbag. Zahara seemingly took style cues from her mom, wearing a black puffer with Converse sneakers.

Jolie's children are usually far from the public eye, but Atelier Jolie is a creative collection Jolie is collaborating with her 18-year-old daughter, Zahara. Perhaps this means more street-style moments from the pair are imminent? Fingers crossed!

Angelina Jolie wearing an all-black outfit walking with her daughter Zahara.

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Wearing all-black isn't a revolutionary concept, but Jolie makes the style look effortless and chic instead of frumpy and hidden (a.k .a. me when I wear an all-black outfit). So, how does she do it? These incredible looks are centered around Jolie's outerwear, so it seems as though structured, classic outerwear is key to pulling off the style. She also incorporates texture into these looks so the outfit isn't one-dimensional. For example, in the first all-black ensemble, she wears velvety trousers; in the second look, she holds a puffy purse. Now, we can't promise that following these styling tips will transform you into Angelina Jolie - sorry. Nonetheless, they are great tidbits to keep in your back pocket, right?

Melony Forcier
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