Anne Hathaway Is in Her Blonde Bob Era

This transformation is true movie magic.

Anne Hathaway
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Ever since the days of Ella Enchanted and The Princess Diairies, Anne Hathaway has been famous for her long brunette locks. Save for the occasional Les Misérables chop or The Devil Wears Prada bang, her healthy hairstyle has rarely differed. Until now, at least. To break away from the long-held look, Hathaway recently tried out a hairdo far, far removed from her signature style: A bleach blonde, '60s style bob.

In her new film, Eileen, Hathaway plays a gorgeous psychologist named Rebecca who catches the eye of her prison co-worker, Eileen (Thomasin McKenzie). Elegant and sensual, Rebecca is everything Eileen wants to be—and her bouncy hairstyle only adds to the allure. While the peroxide bob won't be visible on the big screen until December 1, fans got an excellent preview when Hathaway posted the thriller's trailer to her Instagram on Tuesday. "A simple, Christmas Love Story," she jokingly captioned the clip.

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Based on a novel of the same name by Otessa Moshfegh (you might know her from the extremely popular My Year of Rest and Relaxation), Eileen first premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January. After the screening, Hathaway's performance was met with major acclaim, with her acting and bouffant wig both getting attention.

Earlier this fall, Hathaway rocked a different '60s hairstyle that was more in line with her regular style: A brunette beehive. With the midcentury inspiration running hot, I'm so excited to see how she shows up to the official Hollywood premiere of the new movie. Will her bleached wig make an appearance? I (like Eileen herself) can only hope.

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