The 17 Best July 2022 Beauty Launches, According to Marie Claire Editors

This month, SPF and sweat-proof products reign supreme.

best july beauty launches
(Image credit: Brittany Holloway-Brown/Future)

The weather situation at the moment is best described as hot, sweaty, and more humid than we thought physically possible. Add those temps to the fact that we’re always on the go in the summer, and it’s safe to say that our beauty routines have gone through a major shake up. Most makeup will quite literally melt off our skin, there’s no time for a 20-step routine, and our beloved glowy makeup might be starting to look a lil greasy in the heat. But we’re not here to complain. Instead, we want to take a moment to profess our love for the new-to-market products that have saved us time and again in the thick of summer. 

From tinted moisturizers that let our skin breath and easy-to-apply matte bronzers to beach day SPFs, we’ve discovered a handful of game-changing beauty products this month. To see what the Marie Claire team has been obsessing over, keep scrolling. We’ve rounded up our favorite July beauty launches—along with some application tips and tricks—ahead. (If you're interested in our favorite June launches or favorite May launches, you can check those out too.)

Samantha Holender