The Crown's Emma Corrin Showed Off a Shaggy Pink Haircut

The look was part of their new show, "A Murder At The End Of The World."

Emma Corrin
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When you're a movie star, beauty transformations are part of the job; a certain haircut or color can make or break your character. Look at Emma Corrin. The star went blonde to play Princess Diana on The Crown. Corrin knew their onscreen style had to do the People's Princess justice. And it did.

While Corrin has chosen to go with a buzz cut when living their normal life as of late, they recently showed off a fresh look ahead of the release of their new show, A Murder At The End Of The World. In an Instagram carousel posted Monday, November 13, the 27-year-old wore their hair short, shaggy, and cotton candy-pink as they battled the winter winds during filming.

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In the series, which is available to stream on Hulu starting today, Corrin plays Darby Hart, a "Gen Z amateur sleuth and tech-savvy hacker" with a hairstyle to match. "Our pink haired beautiful weirdo," one fan commented on Corrin's Instagram post.

While their hair doesn't show up as vibrantly in the rest of the photos, a tint of pink is still visible as the My Policeman star nods off in various places around set. Honestly, a fading head of hair is a genius way to show time moving onscreen—any hairstylist will tell you that bold fashion colors require regular upkeep.

As of late, Corrin has been sporting a shaved head. They first lobbed off their hair in July, with fans comparing the buzzed look to the late, great Sinéad O'Connor. Prior to the buzz cut, the actor changed up their short style often, wearing their locks in a number of cuts including a pixie and bleached mullet.

"Born 95 hair 85," wrote Corrin alongside an Instagram photo of their mullet in June. Which decade, or color, will they choose next?

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