Emma Stone Just Gave a Masterclass on Eyeliner for Almond-Shaped Eyes

Lesson one: Draw it on thick.

Emma Stone
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While Emma Stone's latest character, Bella Baxter, knows very little about how to politely navigate society, the actress herself is a wealth of knowledge—particularly as it relates to eyeliner. Walking the red carpet in London at the UK Gala screening of Poor Things on Thursday, December 14, the 35-year-old taught fans and fellow celebrities alike a thing or two about makeup application. The lesson: How to apply eyeliner when you were blessed with almond-shaped eyes.

Emma Stone

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Having almond-shaped eyes quite literally means your eyes are shaped like an almond, oval in form and a bit wider horizontally than vertically. The outer corners are also sometimes turned upward, thereby creating the lifted shape that winged eyeliner tries to mimic.

As Stone exhibits, a strong sweep of upper eyeliner is one of the most flattering makeup looks for this eye shape—which already looks defined in the best way. The trick here (again, see Stone) is perfecting a thick-but-not-too-thick line that emphasizes the eye's natural shape.

While a bit of an elongated wing also works well, the La La Land star's makeup artist chose to end the black line right at the her natural outer corner—and it looks perfect.

Stone's eye look was completed with a barely-there amount of shimmery shadow and a healthy dose of mascara on her upper and bottom lashes. The fresh-faced beauty also made good use of blush, with a rosy color on the apples of her cheeks to mimic her shiny lips.

Thanks for the lesson, Emma. Class dismissed.

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