15 Ridiculously Pretty Bangs Styles That’ll Finally Convince You to Cut Your Hair

2019 is almost here, and it wants you to have bangs.

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There are three stages of cutting bangs: First, the initial "damn, I look good" surprise, followed by one week of "oh, my god, what have I done?" panicking, followed by six months of selfie-filled, "I want to cut them shorter" bliss. It's the circle of (hair) life, and everyone goes through it. Don't let that stop you from being bold at the salon. Keep reading to find your soon-to-be bang style courtesy of 15 celebs, and then promptly make a hair appointment.

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Alison Brie's Shaggy, '70s-Inspired Bangs

Your bangs don't have to stop at your brows. Try a longer length like Brie, and use a curling iron to create a soft bend.

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Vanessa Hudgens' Layered, Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

Pair super-short, layered bangs with a bob. It adds so much dimension to the classic cut.

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Jasmine Sanders' Wispy Curly Bangs

Sanders' curly high pony looks even cooler coupled with feathery bangs. Letting a few coils hang in the front draws attention to your gorgeous face.

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Emilia Clarke's Soft, Feathered Bangs

Combine updos and low buns with side-swept bangs for a timeless look.

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Camila Cabello's Middle-Parted, Face-Framing Bangs

Curtain bangs made a serious comeback in 2017 (Byrdie reports the search on Pinterest for these were up 600 percent that year). Then this year proved they're here to stay—we saw them on countless celebs! And why not? Look at how effortlessly Cabello's chestnut bangs blend into her barrel curls.

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Kiersey Clemon's Choppy Micro-Bangs

Contrary to popular belief, you can still show off your good-lookin' brows with bangs. Just opt for miniature, blunt fringe like this.

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Greta Gerwig's Thick, Side-Swooping Bangs

Bangs with a deep side part pair so beautifully with a super-short bob. Since Gerwig's hair is loosely pulled back, side bangs add a nice touch of volume.

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DeWanda Wise's Curly Baby Bangs

This is what you call faux bangs. If you have tight coils, slick the sides of your hair back and leave a chunk of your curls out in the middle. It gives the illusion of a chic mohawk, as seen on wise, here.

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Natalia Dyer's Wavy, Graduated Bangs

Tousled, beachy bangs are a thing. And they look particularly good with highlights, as gorgeously illustrated by Dyer.

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Emma Roberts' Blunt Micro-Bangs

Remember when Roberts debuted dense, baby bangs at the 2018 Critics' Choice Awards? Worn with a bone-straight lob, this is such a lewk...and we love it .

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Bella Hadid's Off-Center, Curtain Bangs

Hadid brought back the '90s in the best way with this half-up, half-down 'do complete with curtain bangs. Try switching things up a bit with a slightly off-centered-but-n0t-side part.

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Kerry Washington's Asymmetrical Bangs

Stick-straight bangs are not the standard, but they can make quite a statement. Take a cue from Washington, who made asymmetrical micro-bangs look so chic on the the Met Gala's red carpet.

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Yara Shahidi's Curly Side Bangs

Naturalistas, add shape and structure to your curls by trimming the front with bangs—on your good side, of course. Then just let your curls fall freely.

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Ruby Rose's Piecey, Highlighted Bangs

If you're into layering, experiment with piecey bangs like Rose. Adding a subtle shade of color is an easy way to complement your cut and add dimension.

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Ciara's Blonde Fringe Bangs

Ciara, resident hair chameleon, looks so good with blonde-streaked fringe. Frame your face with longer pieces of hair to play around with length.

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