Bella Hadid Just Gave Herself Bangs While in Quarantine

She nailed it!

Bella Hadid
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Who amongst us hasn't spent a dangerous amount of time of late contemplating a DIY hair transformation, whether that's cutting new bangs, dabbling in hair dye, or just buzzing the whole shebang off? One Bella Hadid settled for the former, proving herself a pretty impressive hair stylist in the process. Here's Hadid last week, with a tousled, bang-free bob:

And here she is with a brand new set of choppy, face-framing bangs, that work just as well falling over her eyes as they do swept to the side:

Hadid had side swept bangs in the not-too-distant past, so it's likely she was trimming them rather than plucking them out of nowhere, the latter a much risker endeavour if you're not a professional. If your bangs are currently impeding your vision as you self-isolate? Try these at-home trimming tips from celebrity stylist Matt Fugate.

In another lifetime, I was the committed owner of a very heavy set of blunt bangs, and could definitely have used this tip from Fugate before I took to my fringe with a blunt pair of kitchen scissors: "You want to hold your scissors horizontally and snip up into the ends of the hair to create a soft, piece-y, and diffused line that looks natural, rather than a blunt line that looks like you just cut it." Question: Where was this advice in 2011?!

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Bella Hadid


Bella Hadid

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