4 DIY Hair Treatments for Rescuing Damaged Hair

The secret to salvaging over-processed strands is closer than you may think.

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Let's face it: Lustrous hair can take a lot of upkeep. Even if your stylist doesn't make house calls, there are solutions that have been under your nose this whole time (no appointment necessary). "You can give your hair the TLC it needs to look its best by using items you have at home," notes Lorri Goddard for Goddard + Bragg in West Hollywood, whose clients have included Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore. Here, she reveals her tried-and-true recipes for getting—and maintaining—healthy hair without even leaving your kitchen.

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1 To Moisturize the Scalp
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"You can't have full, bouncy hair without a healthy scalp," says Goddard. To reduce excess oil, dampen a cotton ball with witch hazel and dab it along your hairline. Then part and rinse hair with cool water. Or, fight flakes weekly by adding five drops of tea-tree oil to your favorite shampoo as a booster. Skip conditioner, though, and apply a detangler only to the ends of your hair—your scalp may be sensitive after this treatment.

MC Tip: Before any type of scalp treatment, check for burns from hot tools that could be easily irritated.

2 To Boost Shine
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"Dull, over-styled hair benefits from regular olive- or jojoba-oil masks," explains Goddard. Starting at the roots, brush a quarter cup of natural oil (synthetic oils don't work as well) through dry hair and leave it on for an hour. Blast the ends with a dryer for five minutes to help oil penetrate deeper. Skip the roots for this part—the scalp emits enough warmth on its own, and applying extra heat could lead to greasy textures later.

MC Tip: Cut washing time and add shampoo to strands before they get wet to dissolve the oil faster.

3 To Add Volume
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Lifeless strands got you down? In a bowl, mix one egg yolk, a half cup of honey, two tablespoons of olive oil, and two ripe avocados. Apply the concoction to the entire head and leave on for one to two hours, until it dries and hardens. Shampoo and condition as usual. "This is a miracle cure," notes Goddard. "And for extra-bouncy, non-frizzy curls, Drew Barrymore taught me to blot ringlets dry with paper towels."

MC Tip: Short on time? Apply this mask only to bangs or small pieces around your face. These areas are the most abused by heat styling.

4 To Preserve Color
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Minerals in the water system can add a brassy finish to blonde and red hair. A quick fix? Mix a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar with a half cup of filtered water and pour it over hair before rinsing with cool water. 

For graying brunettes, there are also dye hacks for saving color. "Peroxide-based dyes give darker shades a reddish hue," Goddard warns, and should be avoided. 

For general tips on how to diffuse at-home hair dye better, she recommends using a toothbrush to paint boxed dye over individual strands.

MC Tip: to neutralize the scent of vinegar or harsh hair dyes, add a few drops of an essential oil like lavender.

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