Halsey Debuted a Two-Toned Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

The lavender streak adds some edge.

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We all know the saying "no white after labor day" is incredibly passé; the same is true when it comes to winter hair rules. Honestly, who made up the idea that cooler months are reserved for darker tones? Halsey, for one, isn't having it—to the delight of purple shampoo lovers everywhere.

Earlier this week, the 29-year-old singer took icy blonde to a new height when they bleached their pitch-black pixie cut. Edgy and far from effortless, the carefully cut and dyed platinum blonde style was made even cooler by a sliver of silver-y lavender.

Halsey first shared the hair transformation in an Instagram carousel, later showing it off onstage at a show in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In the initial images, they matched the look with icy white eye makeup from their About Face beauty line, further enhancing the visual with silver earrings and bleached brows.

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Hairstylist Marty Harper, who has worked with the "Closer" singer's locks at a number of different lengths, was behind the transformation. "CLOCKED IN. LOCKED IN," he captioned a photo of the color, which garnered a lot of compliments.

"To go from black to platinum blonde so effortlessly is crazy, marty DONT PLAY!!!" wrote one fan, while another asked how he achieved the look without frying the singer's hair.

While the hairstylist is keeping his secrets to himself, there are plenty of ways to go about bleaching your hair safely. Read up as you ponder your own platinum transformation—and stare at Halsey's some more.

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