Hannah Waddingham’s Glowing Golden Globes’ Complexion Is Thanks to “Hydrating Micro Diamonds All Over Her Skin”

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hannah waddingham
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While words cannot describe how sad I am to never see Rebecca Welton in a new episode of Ted Lasso ever again (I bawled during the series finale, FYI), it brings me a little peace of mind to know that the actress served up a beauty look that her soccer entrepreneur alter ego would certainly approve of for the 81st annual Golden Globes. From the pretty pink lip to the uber-voluminous hair—and not to mention the stunning black lace dress—Waddingham’s entire ensemble was certainly fit for an AFC Richmond owner. 

hannah waddingham

(Image credit: Getty Images)

That in mind it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that the inspiration for the actress’ gorgeous makeup look was, naturally, diamonds. “I was inspired by a diamond reflection,” makeup artist Stephen Sollitto, who used Iconic London makeup, exclusively tells Marie Claire. “What is more glamorous than diamonds? And here, this reflection will be seen in the skin and on the eyes for a dazzling red carpet look.” 

To set up her sparkle, Sollitto gave Waddingham’s skin a healthy spritz of Iconic London’s Prep Set Glow Illuminating Spray. “Honestly, it’s like hydrating micro diamonds all over the skin.” Then, Image Skincare comes in to provide adequate hydration before glowy, gorgeous makeup takes over. “I apply ICONIC London’s Underglow Blurring Primer,” Sollitto adds. “I am a big fan of primer to keep the makeup looking its best for the longest time possible.” 

For foundation, he grabs the ICONIC London Super Smoother Blurring Skin Tint, adds a dash of ICONIC London Radiant Concealer & Brightening Duo in the corners of her eyes, and contours with the ICONIC London Multi-Use Sculpting Palette. To seal the glittery deal, the Iconic London Rollaway Glow Liquid Highlighter swoops in.

“Hannah is so special and with a dash of diamonds on her skin here and there, she’ll shine on the carpet like the star she is,” Sollitto adds. And honestly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

Samantha Holender
Beauty Editor

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