Jason Momoa Shaved His Iconic Head of Hair So He Could Cut Back on “Ridiculous” Single-Use Plastics

We love an environmentally conscious man.

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Jason Momoa has one of the most iconic heads of hair in Hollywood—and we'll die on that hill. For as long as our beauty-obsessed brains can remember, his locks have been unbelievably long, insanely healthy, and mind-bogglingly frizz-free. Let’s chalk it up to his superhero powers a la Aquaman. Alas, the 43-year-old actor just made the big decision to shave off his hair for a *very* good reason. What is it, you ask? To do his part to save the planet and cut back on single use plastics. 

“Aloha, everyone. So I’m shaving off the hair,” the Marvel star, who was holding about 6-inches of braids in his hand, said in an Instagram video shared over the weekend. “Oh man, I’ve never even felt the wind right there.” After letting the shock of the buzz cut settle in, Momoa revealed the compelling reason he decided to chop off his locks. “I’m doing it for single use plastics. I’m tired of these plastic bottles—we’ve gotta stop. Plastic forks—all that sh–t. It just goes into our land, it goes into our ocean. I don’t know about you right now, but Im just seeing things in our ocean and it’s so sad.” 

While he’s tossing his conditioners, leave-ins, and such to the curb, he’s encouraging his fans to do the same. “So please, anything you can do to eliminate single use plastics in your lives—help me. Single-use plastics are ridiculous…now everyone’s making the aluminum, which is fantastic.” 

It didn’t take long for fans, friends, and environmentalists to applaud the actor for his decision. “Always with the best message my man,” actor Aleks Paunovic wrote. Non-profit organization Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii jumped in too and said: “Mahalo for advocating to create a better world for future generations to come. Spreading aloha not just to the people around us but the places that provide for us.” 

In conclusion: We love Momoa's reasoning for his chop just a little bit more than we loved his long locks. 

Samantha Holender
Beauty Editor

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