You Have to See Kate and Lila Moss's Latest Mother-Daughter Beauty Moment

The supermodel genes are on full display.

Kate Moss and Lila Moss
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Kate Moss has some seriously strong genes. The supermodel appears to have passed on, well, everything, to her daughter, 21-year-old Lila Moss. They're one of our favorite mother-daughter duos—and their latest appearance proved the two are more identical than ever.

On Friday, January 19, the Moss women hit the streets of Paris to attend the Dior Homme Menswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 show as part of Paris Fashion Week. Sitting front row at the event, they seemed completely in tune with one another, making the same expressions as they cheered on the models.

Kate Moss and Lila Moss

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While their faces are alike in general, they also chose to go a similar route with their makeup. Both opted for nude lips (Lila's are just a tinge more pink), sculpted cheekbones (I'm sure this one was easy to accomplish), skinny brows (again, a Moss classic), and a healthy dose of mascara and top liner to make their matching eyes pop.

The biggest, if not only, difference between the two? Their hairstyles. While Lila left her blonde locks sleek and straight, Kate wore hers in gentle, beachy waves. Still...they were both middle parted.

Lila has paid homage to her famous mom a number of times over the years, most recently recreating Kate’s iconic sheer dress look for an event of her own. According to Kate, the inspiration goes both ways. Lila was the one who first turned her onto sunscreen and Laneige's cult-favorite Lip Sleeping Mask.

Nevertheless, the mother-daughter duo do have some differences—most of which make them an even tighter pair. "She’s more carefree where I’m more organized. She’s intuitive, I’m disciplined. I know what I’m doing on a Wednesday afternoon a month from now, whereas she has a more…lax approach to timekeeping. It’s a good balance," shared Lila in a December 2023 interview. "Even now that I’m based in New York, we still FaceTime every day. She’s the first person that I turn to for advice, and I’m the first person to volunteer to road-test any new Cosmoss products. "

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