Beauty Vloggers Are Filling Their Brows with Soap and the Results Are Crazy-Good

We never saw this coming.

Design by Betsy Farrell

If the internet has taught us anything, it's that good things can come from unexpected places for our beauty routine.

Perhaps one of the craziest hacks we've seen thus far when you consider the randomness-of-the-household-item-to-the-impressive-results ratio is using soap (you know just a classic bar of the sudsy stuff) to fill your brows.

If you're skeptical, let us put to you like this: Anastasia Soare, the queen of brows, has officially endorsed the technique, which is said to be a favorite of the Old Hollywood crowd–and we know they didn't mess around when it came to results.

The idea is that the waxy texture of a transparent soap builds up and feathers the texture of the hair to give the illusion of fuller brows.

You just wet a spoolie brush with warm water, brush it on the soap until you have that right amount of slip, brush the hairs upward coating each and every strand, then use your color-matched brow product, like a pencil pomade, to finish off the look.

At first blush, we expected very mixed reactions from beauty diehards who put it to the test. However, the internet seems to be unanimously thrilled with the results. See for yourself:

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