There's Now an App That Helps You Brush Your Hair

Introducing the world's first smart brush.

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I've always though that if there was one thing that I knew how to do by now, it was how to brush my hair. But it appears that, like Jon Snow, I know nothing. So it's probably for the best that L'Oreal and a French electronic company called Withings have created the world's very first smart brush.

The Kératase Hair Coach, as it's officially called, uses sensors to count hair strokes, determine whether the hair is wet or dry, and analyze how forceful the stroke is, in order to help people take better care of their hair.

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"According to a report published by L'Oréal scientists , forceful hair brushing has been proven to cause hair damage, including breakage and split ends."L'Oreal wrote in a statement. "The Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings minimizes these risks, taking advantage of multiple sensors that provide information on the quality of hair and brushing patterns."

Once the hairbrush records data about your hair, it sends the data to a mobile app through Wifi so that you can see your "hair quality score, data on the effectiveness of brushing habits, personalized tips, and Kérastase product recommendations." Apparently, it even takes weather and humidity into account, and gives insight on manageability, frizziness, dryness, split ends and breakage to help you achieve your best possible hair.

Welcome to the future!

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