The 13 Best Detanglers in 2023

Use these editor-approved picks to brush without breakage.

best detanglers
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Taking a hair brush straight to your hair post-shower is a recipe for breakage. It doesn't matter if your hair is silky, smooth, and straight or textured and curly, powering through knots with a comb and zero product to help ease tension is going to cause extreme damage. The solution is an easy one: Incorporate one of the best detanglers into your routine.

“A detangler detangles hair—it’s a pretty literal name—but it also usually has conditioning properties which make hair healthier and more manageable,” explains celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein. “It also evens out the porosity of your hair so all other products (hair oil, cream, etc) go on more evenly.” 

In short: The benefits are plentiful. Of course, you’ll want to find the best product for your specific hair type and needs. Some are designed to be nourishing enough for coarse hair, while others are feather-light and won’t weigh down fine strands. There are some detanglers that double as shine-boosters and heat protectants, while others are no-fuss, straightforward, and great for kids. To find the best detangler to add to your routine, scroll ahead.

What to Look For in a Detangler

Hair Type 

“There are so many different detanglers. Some are universal and can be used on all hair types, others are specifically formulated for different textures,” explains Rubenstein. “My advice is if you are looking for a more specific detangler, look for one that speaks to your hair needs and type.” 


At baseline, a detangler is going to get rid of your knots. But that’s not all they do. Many are formulated to be multi-purpose. “Most of them can double as a leave-in conditioner, they can be heat protectants, curl enhancing, or frizz fighting, to name a few,” says Rubenstein. 

The Best Detanglers