Proof That 2017 Rules: Maybelline Just Announced Its Very First Male Campaign Star

Maybe *he's* born with it.

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Maybelline's iconic catchphrase is about to get a lot more inclusive, because the brand just announced their first-ever partnership with a male influencer. Yep, talented makeup artist Manny Gutierrez will be the face of Big Shot Mascara.

Gutierrez grew up in a Mormon household in Southern California, and getting his parents on board with his love for makeup was a challenge. "They were just like, 'If you're doing this makeup online, how do you feel like medical schools are going to be? Do you think they're going to accept you into medical school?'" he told MarieClaire as part of our Beauty Boys feature. "They didn't understand then that it was my creative freedom.... It was very, very difficult at first, but we got through it and here I am, lashes and all."

Maybelline follows in the footsteps of CoverGirl, who debuted makeup artist James Charles as the face of their brand back in October. You can read more about both of their makeup origin stories right over this way, and make sure to follow Gutierrez on Instagram for some *serious* makeup inspo.

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