This Probiotic Spray Is Like the Febreze of Hygiene

Just in time for summer.

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There are two kinds of people when it comes to showering: The ones that do so once, or even twice, a day religiously and others who, well, don't. No judgment here, but if you fall into the latter category, there's a new mist that's calling your name.

Like Febreze for your body, Mother Dirt's AO + Mist is a live probiotic spray that restores essential bacteria to our microbiomes. How? In short, the ammonia-oxidizing bacteria works to consume sweat on your body and turn it into a beneficial byproduct your skin can use.

For example, if you were to use this formula on your face, the "good" bacteria in the mist would consume the ammonia (which raises pH) and restore balance to the skin i.e. it would become less sensitive, dry, or oily. And it's not just your face and body that can benefit from a reset spritz. You can use it in your hair too.

According to Jasmina Aganovic, president of Mother Dirt, it can help you go longer between washes. "The bacteria converts your sweat into byproducts your skin can use and with that, you're restoring a microorganism that once naturally existed on the scalp," she explains.

You can also use AO+ as a quick post-workout fix as the good bacteria will consume the ammonia and urea in your sweat, AKA food for body odor. "People think humans are meant to be smelly, but body odor is in fact an indicator of an imbalance perpetuated by the products we use," explains Aganovic.

So whether it's balancing your skin, helping you prolong a blowout, or functioning as a deodorant, AO+ is working overtime to keep your hygiene in check...even if you're not. So we can't imagine something more useful to have on hand for summer.

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist, $49;

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