Would You Go Permanently Bare ... Down There?

Tony Anderson/Taxi

Talk about extreme landscaping!

In the December issue of Marie Claire, one of our writers penned an essay about her decision to get every square inch of body hair — from the neck down — lasered off for good … including her bikini zone.

The procedure cost about $2,000 and was brutal — she walked out in tears, often mid-treatment, many times. So why'd she do it?

It was the best thing that ever happened to her sex life.

"Though I hadn't realized it before I got bushwhacked, whenever I took my clothes off in front of a man, I was constantly worried about what he might think," she writes. "My nagging insecurities were a distraction and always seemed to diminish my enjoyment of sex. Not anymore. Now I always feel clean and lovely when I'm naked."

We're divided on this one. Sure, basic bikini grooming (if you're into that) is one thing, but going all the way, for good? It's ladies' choice on this one.

Would you ever go permanently bare?

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