Need To Go: Sephora's Fragrance Flight Bar

Interested in a new scent? Visit select Sephora stories during the next two weekends for blind fragrance testing - and tons of fun.

perfume bottle representing sephora fragrance flight bars
(Image credit: Archives)

For die-hard perfume lovers and fragrance novices alike, select Sephora outposts across the country will be introducing a new way to experience scent. Part lab, part creative playground, the Fragrance Flight Bar is the perfect way to sniff out things you like (and don't like) by testing scents categorized by a particular mood: addictive, playful, casual, or chic. And, since each fragrance is kept under wraps until the end, you'll actually know what you're naturally drawn to — without being influenced by say, a celeb endorsement or pretty bottle. Whether you're searching for a signature scent or looking for a new addition, a quick trip to this pop-up bar is so much fun. Check out the Fragrance Flight Bars next weekend in the cities listed below.