This Best-Selling Microdermabrasion Device Is Half Off at Sephora

For one day only!

woman using the PMD Microderm skincare tool
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Beauty editors, insiders, and fans all agree: a sale with awesome beauty tech is hard to find. The industry's obsession with the latest gadgets and tools can run you a pretty penny—unless, of course, you can snag them on sale. A ton of luxe beauty devices are currently half-off at Sephora right now, including PMD's best-selling Personal Microderm device. 

The tool, which originally retails for $159, is discounted down to $79.50 right now on Sephora's website (opens in new tab). And while that price is reason enough to grab one right now, you can also get free shipping by using the discount code "FREESHIP." This particular discount is running for one day only, so you'll need to act fast. Think of it as the perfect way to treat yourself to a microdermabrasion treatment without leaving your home. 

If you're unfamiliar with what a microdermabrasion facial is, here's a quick refresher: it's an exfoliation technique often performed in a medispa or clinic that uses a tool outfitted with tiny crystals or a diamond tip to slough away dead skin. Rather than using a diamond tip, PMD's Personal Microderm device features a variety of tiny spinning disks to customize your experience. 

It also features a tiny vacuum at the top, which is designed to increase circulation. The end result is skin that looks more luminous after one use without the dreaded required downtime that normally follows an exfoliation or extraction at the spa. It's a safe and easy way to get glowing skin if you're short on time. 

But don't just take it from me: one reviewer who gave the device a five-star rating claimed that their skin "has never been softer and better" after using it once a week for a few months. Another claimed that it remedied pigmentation issues and left their skin looking more even overall.

Shop the PMD Personal Microderm (opens in new tab) in two colors now on the Sephora website (opens in new tab)

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