Serena Williams's Wyn Beauty Isn't Your Typical Celebrity Brand

According to 'Marie Claire' editors, these everyday products actually work.

Serena Williams stands in front of a green wall holding a large bottle of wyn beauty foundation
(Image credit: Wyn Beauty; BFA)

Of all the ways someone could imagine meeting Serena Williams to discuss Wyn Beauty, her debut makeup collection, arriving soaking wet after getting stranded umbrella-less in a spring storm isn’t one of them. But there I was: standing in front of the 39-time tennis champion title holder, dripping water like I’d taken three consecutive rides on a log flume first. My shoes, tote bag, and dress were soaked through; my low bun was dripping water down my back. But a quick glance at my front-facing camera proved my mascaraWyn Beauty’s Tubing formula—hadn’t smudged a bit.

Chaotic as my entrance was, it actually underscored the reason Williams entered the crowded celebrity beauty space to begin with. Post-retirement, she told me she was missing beauty that felt connected to her offline, off-the-court life: formulas that left her feeling refreshed and confident, but not weighed down.

“I love being glamorous and I love red carpet and I love Met Galas, and I think they're really great,” she said. “But what I really want is to just be every day. I can't wear that”—meaning a full camera-ready beat—“going to pick up my daughter at school.”

Five years of development, a Covid-19 pandemic delay, and an edit down to ten products from forty later, Wyn Beauty's "makeup you can move in" was born. From a SPF-laced lightweight foundation to a buttery lip serum and buildable concealer, all 91 product shades intend to provide flexible, 24/7 coverage with a hint of hydration.

Serena and Venus Williams try on Wyn Beauty products at the Wyn Beauty launch event

Serena swatched and tested products with her sister, Venus Williams, at the Wyn Beauty launch party. The entire 10-product range was on display.

(Image credit: BFA)

When Williams talks about women who need long-lasting makeup that can endure work, workouts, childcare duties, and even unpredictable weather, she’s including herself. “I'm not better than anyone else,” Williams says. “I'm literally on the same page—and I feel like this makeup relates to people that are living regular lives, which is mostly all of us.”

With the entire collection arriving on Ulta shelves today, I enlisted three more Marie Claire editors to see which of Wyn’s products hold up in the hustle and bustle of our real routines. We landed on nine title-worthy picks with a newfound place in our everyday lineup, rain or shine. Read on for our honest reviews.

Lauren Tappan, Fashion Editor

Fashion editor Lauren Tappan wears Wyn Beauty lipstick in front of a plain backdrop

Fashion editor Lauren Tappan tested and recommended two Wyn Beauty lipsticks: the nude-pink "Sing" (shown here) and the vibrant red "Spark" shade.

(Image credit: Courtesy Lauren Tappan)

"I've never been a huge lipstick wearer, but I'm now making an exception for WYN Beauty's Say Everything Max Intensity Featherweight Lipstick. I tried it in two shades: "Spark," which has a vibrant candy apple red pigment, and "Sing," a subdued hue of nude pink. Both shades have a really nice satin finish that surprisingly lasted for hours, even while I ate dinner and sipped on a cup of tea. At one point, I even forgot that I had on lipstick—this formula is as lightweight as the name implies. Above all, though, my favorite quality is the hydrating and creamy texture. I didn't experience any dryness, which I often do after wearing lipstick (hence why I usually stick with chapsticks and glosses). That said, I'm happy to report that both shades have found a prime spot in my beauty cabinet."

Samantha Holender, Beauty Editor

Beauty editor Samantha Holender wears the Wyn Beauty lip serum and skin tint with a sweatshirt

For her test, Samantha Holender doubled up with the Featuring You Hydrating Skin Tint and the No Words Needed Lip Serum.

(Image credit: Courtesy Samantha Holender)

"On a beauty-hunting expedition to Italy last summer, I discovered that lip serums are one of the country's hallmark beauty products. They’re hydrating and nourishing, with layering capabilities that we don’t typically find in American-made products. I’ve been hunting for a good lip serum stateside since then, so I was overjoyed when I discovered Wyn embraced the category.

"Knowing Serena’s affinity for winning, I suspected the No Words Needed Lip Serum would be top-of-the-line. A single swipe of the pale pink serum proved my theory. The jojoba oil and mango butter-infused formula had a silky yet surprisingly thin texture. It softened my lips instantly and gave them a very subtle, healthy finish.

"That finish seems to be a running theme for the range, as it’s exactly what I got with Wyn’s Featuring You Hydrating Skin Enhancing Tint, too. The formula is incredibly lightweight and contains SPF 30. It has a more natural finish, whereas I like to look pretty glowy, so I put a very creamy sunscreen underneath for added dewiness (and protection). But, it’s worth noting that the tint decently covered my chin breakouts and played well with a mix of powder and cream blush and bronzer formulas. The hydration also lasted hours, which is precisely why I’ll be using this as a summer staple. Well, that, and the fact that I’m a big Serena fan. Win-win."

Gabrielle Ulubay, Beauty Writer

Beauty writer Gabrielle Ulubay sits outside wearing Wyn Beauty lipstick

For Gabrielle Ulubay, two matte Wyn Beauty lipsticks were the MVPs: "Brave," the mauve brown she wears here, and "Recite," a cayenne pepper red.

(Image credit: Courtesy Gabrielle Ulubay)

"I tried Wyn Beauty's matte lipstick in two shades, 'Recite' and 'Brave,' and can honestly say that I love them both. 'Recite' is a deep mauve, consistent with the dark, nostalgic lipsticks I usually like to wear. However, when I'm as pale as I am right now (it's been a long winter), colors this deep can wash me out. This shade did nothing of the sort, complementing my medium skin and working well with any eye makeup looks, from neutrals to heavily contoured, glittery lids.

"'Brave' also left me pleasantly surprised: Bright pinks like this don't always show up on my already-pink lips, but this one was pigmented enough to make a difference. Plus, both lipsticks delivered all the matte full coverage and no-budge effects of a matte liquid lipstick, but without any of the lip dehydration. (One application survived a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich.) This formula is smooth and creamy to the touch, with such a lightweight feel that I often forget I have it on."

Halie LeSavage, Senior News Editor (Fashion & Beauty)

Beauty and fashion editor Halie Lesavage stands in front of a blank wall wearing Wyn beauty products

Halie LeSavage wears three Wyn Beauty products: the Featuring You Hydrating Skin Tint, the Big Vision Tubing Mascara, and the Guideline Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.

(Image credit: Courtesy Halie LeSavage)

"The day I wore a (nearly) full face of Wyn Beauty started at 6:30 a.m. for a passport renewal appointment and ended at 9 p.m. at a bridal fashion week event. I packed my work tote with all three products I tested—the Hydrating Skin Tint, the Big Vision Tubing Mascara, and the Guideline Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner—expecting to need a few touch-ups in between appointments. I never ended up reapplying, and not because my calendar was so packed.

"I'll start with the foundation. My skin is naturally oily and acne-prone, so I limited myself to a single layer. The formula is light and breathable for a 'your skin, but better' effect that blended in easily with my fingers. I had a tiny bit of shine on my nose by the end of the day—not even the thickest foundations can keep me matte for twelve or more hours—but I was satisfied with how it evened out my skin tone while still looking natural.

"The liquid eyeliner glided onto my upper lid in an even line, and if I ever want to venture into a cat-eye, this pen is sharp enough for the perfect flick. I also saw its waterproof properties work IRL, thanks to another full day of torrential downpours. But my personal MVP of the trio was the mascara. I can easily call it the best tubing mascara I've ever tried. I noticed feathery length and definition with just two swipes on each side. Rain, wind, and rushing all over Manhattan were worthy opponents for this long-lasting formula—and the mascara always came out on top. Serena told me these products were formulated to last; I shouldn't have hesitated to trust the GOAT."

Halie LeSavage
Senior News Editor (Fashion & Beauty)

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