Vanessa Hudgens' Latest Manicure Gives Us a Peek at Her Aura

Her newlywed bliss is showing.

Vanessa Hudgens
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Do you know what color your aura is? Or rather, do you know what color your nails' aura is? To be fair, one is a bit easier to figure out than the other. When aura nails—a trippy, celestial-inspired style that often features bright hues—first burst onto the scene, any psychic could've told you that Vanessa Hudgens would be a huge fan of the trend. And now, the newlywed has made the style even more intriguing.

On Thursday, December 14, Hudgens' nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, posted a series of photos of the recent bride in honor of her birthday. While it's a treat to see Hudgens no matter what the occasion is, the real draw of the carousel was her manicure: A multicolored, glittery take on the aura trend.

On each finger, the High School Musical star wore her nail a different color (or rather, colors), with shades ranging from orange to blue, pink, and green. According to the photos, a touch of silver was also utilized throughout the manicure, providing that blown out, circular ombré effect the trend is known for. While the sheer amount of color going on here could be overwhelming, their equal opportunity shine tied them all together.

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Of course, it's not the first time Hudgens has attempted an aura-inspired nail look. Back in July, she wore a set of tennis ball-green and nude-pink aura nails, also created by the Ganzorigt. As the genius behind Hailey Bieber's glazed donut mani, Ganzorigt also counts Sydney Sweeney (did you see her recent rhinestone nail art?), Adele, and, of course, Hudgens among her regular clients. While she didn't give many clues as to what inspired her most recently published look, Ganzorigt did give a cute birthday shoutout to the Princess Switch actress when sharing her work. "Happy birthday [Vanessa]," she wrote. "Never a dull moment with you."

So, according to Hudgens' manicure, her aura is everything.

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