Charli XCX Hit With a Sexist Remark Live On the Radio

Masking misogyny with a play-on-lyrics? Not cute.

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Simply put: We've recently had far too many unfriendly reminders of the sexism that women are subjected to in the media. The latest comes from Charli XCX's appearance on Dutch radio show Giel Beelen's Giel!. It began with the British singer being asked to greet listeners with "Good morning in the most sensual way," according to Spin. Soon after, the host asked her if she had her "hands on [her] body" and accused her of "fingering [her]self" because her hands weren't in sight.

As expected, XCX didn't stay mum on the matter and tweeted out the following after the broadcast:

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What's more shocking than the DJ's initial comments is his response to Charli XCX's protest. He tweeted out an equally distasteful retort:

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Cheekily masking misogyny with a play-on-lyrics? Not cute.

Unfortunately, we as women can't control lowly men. What we can control? How we react to them. We think that Charli XCX did a masterful job of putting her interviewer to shame and liken her candor to that of the women who've spoken out against the media's ceaseless exploitation of the better sex. Listen to the entire interview, below: