10 Actors Who Are Going to Make Your Ovaries Melt in 2015

Not only are they hot, they are talented.

1. Michael B. Jordan

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Michael B. Jordan's résumé is already stacked (you probably know him best as Vince Howard from Friday Night Lights or as Alex from Parenthood), but it will explode next year, thanks to his upcoming role in Fantastic Four. Correct: The 27-year-old California native will be on fire — literally — as The Human Torch/Johnny Storm in the upcoming Marvel project. In fact, he co-stars with Miles Teller (yet again), which works perfectly because ...

2. Miles Teller

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Behold: the next name on our list. Have you seen Whiplash yet? Please see Whiplash. In fact, see Whiplash before seeing Fantastic Four so you can sleep well knowing Miles Teller has the acting chops to take on all and any characters. (Though if you've seen The Spectacular Now you know that already, especially since he earned the Dramatic Special Jury Award for Acting at Sundance in 2013.) Next year will see him star in The Fantastic Four (as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic), and in the second Divergent movie Insurgentas Peter, whom he debuted back in 2013. Now again, go see Whiplash.

3. Douglas Smith

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Douglas Smith's career has been on the up-and-up since playing Ben Henrickson in HBO's Big Love, a role that led to turns in Antiviral (directed by fellow Canadian Brandon Cronenberg), Percy Jackson, and Ouija. If you're not into horror, you're still in luck: next year, Smith will appear in Terminator: Genisys alongside Arnold himself. And with two sequels planned for 2016 and 2017 respectively, he may, in fact ... be back.

4. Ki Hong Lee

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If you saw The Maze Runner, you'll be happy to know that the franchise is getting a second installment later in 2015 (The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials), which also means Ki Hong Lee will be reprising his role as Minho. (Score!) However, on top of that, the Korean-American actor will be co-starring in The Stanford Prison Experiment, the film based on the real-life event that saw university students take on prisoner/guard roles to test the effects of prison abuse. Intense.

5. Douglas Booth

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You may recognize him as Romeo from 2013's Shakespearian remake but 2015 will give London's Douglas Booth a chance to grow into an even better actor. If you didn't catch him in The Riot Club back in September (note: it's a very disturbing movie, but very good), next year will deliver the 22-year-old in Jupiter Rising alongside Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis, before he goes on to fight the undead in Pride and Prejudice and Zombie (co-starring Matt Smith, Suki Waterhouse, and Lily James).

6. Jeremy Irvine

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Jeremy Irvine's 2015 might be equivalent to Jude Law's 2004, thanks to no fewer than five projects lined up over the next 12 months. First up? The dark and spooky The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death, followed by The World Made Me Straight co-starring Haley Joel Osment (who I'm not sure sees dead people this time, but we can hope). After that, Stonewall (about the Stonewall Riots), a romantic drama called Fallen, and Mary Shelley's Monster. And, well, none of them are Alfie, but what can you do.

7. Garrett Hedlund

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Garrett Hedlund has effectively been building a roster of solid characters, thanks to roles in Inside Llewyn DavisUnbroken (opening on Christmas), and TRON. But step aside, existing filmography: 2015 is this actor's time to shine. The former Minnesotan has plans to star in Mojave, War on Everyone, and eventually a TRON follow-up, but perhaps his most exciting 2015 venture is his upcoming role in Pan as Hook — which, for the millionth time, is not the same thing as the live musical spectacular starring Allison Williams. (Or so I tell myself repeatedly.)

8. Olly Alexander

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If you missed him in The Riot Club, it's not too late: In addition to appearing in the upcoming Funny Bunny, Olly Alexander is also part of Years & Years, an electro-pop trio based out of London that has been seriously pegged as a band to watch in 2015. Just leave enough concert tickets for the rest of us, everybody.

9. Alfred Enoch

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The rumors are true: How to Get Away With Murder's Alfred Enoch played Dean Thomas in Harry Potter, which basically makes him British royalty. (And so did his smaller part in the season premiere of Sherlock.) However, after co-starring with Tom Hiddleston in the National Theatre's run of Coriolanus last year, Enoch flew the coop and landed stateside to impress everyone as Wes Gibbons in one of the biggest TV shows of the year. Now, the world is his oyster.

10. John Boyega

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He's the first face you see in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, and yes, the force will be with him this year.

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