Someone Recreated Solange Knowles's Wedding Photo with Dolls

Because why the heck not?

Sunday reflections.... (Also I NEED to know who did this, so I can hug them hard:)

Uma foto publicada por S A I N T R E C O R D S (@saintrecords)

There are so many beautiful, wonderful, and mysterious things in this world that somehow seem to defy explanation. The Grand Canyon. Stonehenge. Solange Knowles's wedding photo, meticulously recreated with Barbie dolls.

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The minuscule yet largely fierce scene sees a Solange-esque figurine donning a caped white gown, similar to Knowles's own stunning Kenzo wedding dress. On one side of Small Solange stands (little) big sis Beyonce; on the other, Mama Tina Knowles. The rest of her bridal party, all decked out in white, stands at the ready behind the bride and her fam. On actual stands, made of plastic. Because they're dolls.

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Knowles posted the image, which was seemingly modelled after a portrait originally shared by Bey (below), to her Instagram this morning. With it was a plea to find the artistic mastermind behind it: "I NEED to know who did this, so I can hug them hard."

Let's help this brilliant artiste get the credit and celebrity hug he or she so badly deserves, shall we?

The inspiration:

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Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Beyoncé (@beyonce)

UPDATE: Hooray! After hours of wondering, the mystery of the Knowles-as-Dolls wedding pic has been solved—in's own comment section, no less!

The creator is Ronny Larsson, a Swede with the need to recreate pop culture images with childhood toys. (You can see more of his awesomely amusing work on his Instagram, @ADollWorldAfterAll.)

And maybe most importantly, Knowles, herself, has given credit where credit is due—in the form of an Instagram comment on Larsson's original post: "Your work touched and warmed my heart so much:) you are beyond awesome! @adollworldafterall WOW!"

Case closed.


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