Kit Harington Acting Alongside a Fake Dragon Is Hilarious

Literal LOLs.

In the event that you're wondering what it's like to act alongside a CGI dragon on Game of Thrones, the answer is super duper awkward. Just ask Kit Harington, who filmed Jon Snow's first meet-and-greet with Drogon alongside a blue piece of foam on a stick.

This entire video is completely hilarious, especially if your interests include a) behind the scenes Game of Thrones content, b) watching actors be super serious around balls of foam, and c) complete and utter LOLs. So go ahead and watch up top for all of the above.

“It’s a beautiful moment, and standing out there on this cliff in Northern Ireland with 40-50 mile-an-hour winds whipping through, shooting the scene with Kit Harington and his cloak blowing like a superhero in the wind, reaching out and touching this giant green dragon head," says director Mike Shakman. "Which sounds like it would be silly but in the hands of great actors, you know, like him, great actors can make you believe what you’re seeing.”

Emphasis on the word silly.

Mehera Bonner
Mehera Bonner

Mehera Bonner is a celebrity and entertainment news writer who enjoys Bravo and Antiques Roadshow with equal enthusiasm. She was previously entertainment editor at Marie Claire and has covered pop culture for over a decade.