It's Like You Were There: Watch a *Really* Cute Clip of Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder's Wedding Video

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Update, 5/27: asfdILFJARIOThrt. <--- That is the appropriate response to Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder's wedding video and most definitely not a typo.

In honor of her one-month anniversary, the Twilight actress posted a dreamy clip that will induce vomiting in the immature and frenzied pinning in the less immature.

That train. The smooching. That gray poncho? *Squeal.* Congrats, kids!

Update, 4/27: In a wheaten field somewhere on Sunday, Ian Joseph Somerhalder giddily joined Nikki Reed in holy matrimony.

Wearing a gray suit, the Vampire Diaries actor carried his backless-lace-attired bride and fellow undead impersonator across some invisible threshold.

They also had some prom pics taken.

Then he lifted her train so it wouldn't become muddied, and they lived happily ever after, surrounded by their costars.

Original post, 1/16: With confirmation from "multiple sources," E! News reports that Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are engaged, a momentous occasion that unites two A-List vampire clans in love and fanfic. (If you're wondering what happened to Emmett Cullen, know that things are amicable between him and the clan, but, you know, he just fell in love with me. DWI.)

The pair have been dating for six months, though one of E!'s sources says Ian has told Nikki that he'd been in love with her "for years." They're said to be "crazy happy"—as newly engaged couples should be.

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