Selena Gomez Leaves Ex-Boyfriend Justin Bieber's Ice Hockey Match in Singer's Jersey, Days After Breakup

They've been on four dates together in the last week.

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Days after reportedly splitting from The Weeknd, Selena Gomez was spotted on yet another date with Justin Bieber following their afternoon bike ride. And yes, that makes it four times Bieber and Gomez have hung out this week.

Last night, the 25-year-old singer was spotted cheering on 23-year-old Bieber as he played a hockey game at the Los Angeles Kings Valley Ice Center. Following the sporting event, Selena was then seen wearing her ex boyfriend's hockey jersey, despite wearing a frayed denim jacket earlier to the game.

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The pair later left the match together, with Bieber giving his ex a ride home in his SUV while she hid her face from the paparazzi. Their outing comes the same day the duo were seen going on a bike ride in a Los Angeles neighborhood, and four days after they went for breakfast together and attended a church service.

Gomez and Bieber split in 2016 after an on/off relationship of five years. On Monday, People reported The Weeknd and Selena had called it off due to conflicting schedules and the challenges of keeping up a long distance relationship.

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However on Wednesday, The Weeknd, Selena, and Justin were seen wearing each other's jackets, after the "I Can't Feel My Face" star posted a selfie to Instagram of himself wearing a varsity jacket which was seemingly identical to one Justin wore in 2013.

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Meanwhile, Gomez was spotted cycling through her neighbourhood wearing a lightweight blue jacket that used to belong to her 30-year-old ex-boyfriend, making us all very confused as to what is going on between the trio.

Oh, how the plot thickens.

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