One of America's Richest Heiresses Just Got Engaged and Her Ring Is Truly Insane

You honestly have to see it to believe it.

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We might not have royalty in the USofA, but America is home to plenty of heiresses (edit note: not me, tragically)—and we're not just talking about the living legend that is Paris Hilton. Meet Alexa Dell, daughter of Dell Technologies CEO/chairman Michael Dell, who has a casual net worth of $23.7 billion.

People reports that Alexa got engaged to her boyfriend Harrison Refoua over the holidays while yours truly was entering into a committed relationship with pie, and he came through with the most insane diamond ring ever.

Literally, look at that "ice" as the youths in 1999 would say:

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Even the sun can't handle how massive it is:

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Alexa thanked her followers for their kind words, saying "Thank you for all the well wishes and congratulations. We’re so happy to share this with all of you ✨💖. "

Congrats to the happy couple and that enormous ring.


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