Taylor Swift Fans Think Karlie Kloss Is Shading Their Girl on Instagram, and They've Lost All Chill

No chill to be found, just none.

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The other day, Karlie Kloss was minding her own business after partaking in Love Magazine's annual advent calendar (as ya do), when she decided to share the video on Instagram. Simple enough, right? WRONG! COMPLICATED!

You see, Karlie captioned the above post "Swish Swish," which anyone who suffered through the interminable year that was 2017 knows is a reference to Katy Perry's single. And anyone who listened to said single knows it's kinda-sorta-maybe about Katy's ongoing, never-ending, dear-god-how-is-this-still-a-thing feud with Taylor Swift.

And since Karlie has historically been one of Taylor Swift's closest friends, Taylor fans are accusing Karlie of pulling a Judas and joining Team Katy. The comments are pretty extra, but here's a taste:

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It's true that Karlie and Taylor haven't been spotted together for quite some time—but it's also true that people make references to swishing basketballs without having some kind of nefarious Katy Perry–themed agenda. And speaking of Katy Perry, did we mention she was spotted filming the "End Game" video with her former nemesis? Just sayin'.

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