Taylor Swift's New "End Game" Video Is Here and There Is a *Lot* Going On

Ed and Taylor's friendship FTW.

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It's hee-eeereee! Taylor Swift released a trailer for the "End Game" video, with appearances from both Ed Sheeran and Future on Good Morning America Thursday and the teaser was something.

For those of you who don't keep up with Taylor Swift conspiracy theories, some say "End Game" is about Tom Hiddleston. Evidence: they both have "big reputations;" the lyric "Ooh, you and me would be a big conversation" is a clear reference to the media storm that was their relationship; and "I just wanna be drinking on a beach with you all over me" could be a reference to the iconic July 4th they spent together.

And now, after that eye-popping teaser and hours to review all of the conspiracy theories around the song, the full "End Game" video, which takes Taylor all over the world, is here.


Taylor dancing on a boat—the internet is sure to have opinions, either way.

Taylor and Ed friend-flirting, which will appease the Taylor/Ed shippers (and also anyone who just loves their platonic friendship—it works on both levels).

Oh, and remember that rumor that Katy Perry would be in the video? False. Someone with short, blonde hair does make a brief appearance in the video, but it's definitely not Perry.

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