Hillary Clinton's Favorite TV Shows Are Basically About Her Own Life

The Democratic presidential candidate revealed to Stephen Colbert that she watches House of Cards, The Good Wife, and Madam Secretary.

Which TV shows does Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton watch?

Well, Clinton was on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, where she spent most of her time discussing her campaign's talking points. But early in the interview she revealed her favorite TV shows and—surprise, surprise—they're all very political. 

Clinton said she spent part of her birthday on Monday sitting around with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, watching "bad TV." When asked which shows she binge-watches, Clinton said she'd just finished Netflix's House of Cards. She also said she likes CBS shows Madam Secretary and The Good Wife.

That's interesting in part because Clinton has held practically all the jobs of the main characters. Similar to The Good Wife's Alicia Florrick, played by Julianna Margulies, who is the first lady of Illinois and starts her own political career, Clinton was Arkansas's first lady and the first lady of the United States before running for office. Madam Secretary is a show about a fictional woman, Elizabeth McCord, played by Tea Leoni, holding this crucial cabinet position. Clinton, of course, was Secretary of State. And House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, is about a striving president and his wife. The creator of the British version of the show, Lord Michael Dobbs, has compared Hillary Clinton to Robin Wright's character, Clair Underwood. 

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At least one of the shows Clinton mentioned isn't surprising. In an email exchange while she was Secretary of State, Clinton asked staffers how she could watch The Good Wife and Parks and Recreation

Clinton also avoided answering two controversial questions Colbert posed. First, he asked Clinton—who grew up in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge and became a senator from New York—which city's style of pizza she prefers. Later, while discussing politics, Colbert asked which candidate she'd rather face in a general presidential election: Donald Trump or Ben Carson.

"I'm going to leave that to the Republicans," she said of the Trump vs. Carson question. When Colbert added that Clinton can probably imagine one of them in office, she replied, "I can picture them in some office."

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