Jennifer Lawrence's Next Role as Fidel Castro's Lover Sounds Seriously Juicy

Another Oscar-winning performance, perhaps?

Jennifer Lawrence is set to play Marita Lorenz, a woman who had an affair with Cuban leader Fidel Castro, in Marita, an upcoming film based on Lorenz's life, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The story will begin in 1959 when Lorenz was 19 years old and first met Castro. She became pregnant with his child, had an abortion, and then left Cuba for the U.S. Lorenz then joined the CIA, which sent her back to Cuba to assassinate her former lover, according to the report. 

JLaw will reunite with Eric Warren Singer, the American Hustle cowriter, for the project. 

She was just nominated for an Oscar for playing another real-life woman, Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop. 

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