Huggable, Yes. But Hot? Not So Much

The bear population is out of control.

jack black kung fu panda
(Image credit: Jun Sato)

The bear population is out of control, judging from the local Cineplex this summer. There's chubster John C. Reilly and muffin-topped Will Ferrell in Step Brothers, doughy Seth Rogen in Pineapple Express, and furry Jack Black playing "Fats" in Tropic Thunder. Funny, funny dudes, all (we loved it when Rogen apologized to Katherine Heigl in Knocked Up for sweating on her during sex; we roared when Jack Black fingered his tighty-whitey-clad balls in Margot at the Wedding). But — how to put this — does it make us shallow bitches that we're starting to recoil from all the screen-size fuzz and flab? When funny women carry a comedy, it's expected that they'll be shaggable too — see Tina Fey's gleaming gams and cleavage in Baby Mama. Look, we know we've always said that a sense of humor is the most important thing. But a few crunches wouldn't hurt either.