Justin Bieber's Mystery Instagram Girl Is About to Make Her Fashion Week Debut

"It seems like a fairytale." 

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It's been almost two months since Justin Bieber asked his legions of Beliebers to help him identify his one-time mystery crush—a young woman who turned out to be Spanish beauty blogger Cindy Kimberly. While the Biebs's Insta shout-out didn't lead to a romance, it has resulted in the start of a promising modeling career for Kimberly.

According to the Daily MailKimberly's been asked to walk in Madrid Fashion Week in FebruaryWhich designer she'll be hitting the runway for hasn't yet been revealed, but TBPH, it already sounds like a much better gig than being JB's formerly unknown love interest. 

Although she never expected it, Kimberly admits being plucked out of obscurity has had its privileges. "I'm constantly receiving calls offering me things," she explained. "But I'm focused on my studies and fashion commitments I'd already made."

"At the beginning, I felt completely overwhelmed and didn't know how to deal with it but now I'm getting used to it," she added of her newfound fame. "It seems like a fairytale."

Yes, a fairytale indeed. 

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