Some Nobodies Named Paul McCartney and Beck Couldn't Get into Tyga's Grammys Party

Sorry, "The Beatles" who? 

When you've had one album reach the top five of the Billboard U.S. chart, and every other album you've made has been met with lukewarm-to-negative criticism, you can do whatever you want. When you're Tyga—one-time Grammy nominee and one-time MTV Europe Music Award nominee—you can turn nobodies Sir Paul McCartney and Beck away from your Grammys party. As TMZ reports:

"Paul, Beck, and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins went to Argyle in Hollywood Monday night to hobnob at the bash hosted by Tyga. Security was not impressed and told them they were not welcome. You hear Paul say, 'How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit.'"

Sorry, kids. This is the music biz. Come back when you've earned some respect—the kind that can only come from an on-again, off-again relationship with a Kardashian, and lame homages to "Thriller."

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