10 Photos of Jennifer Lawrence You Never Knew Were Photoshopped

Can you spot what's missing? 

Jennifer Lawrence
Getty Images

Highest-paid Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence embraces her moles on television, in movies, and on the red carpet all the time. 

The girl works it. But those flawless (not flaws, for the record) moles are being Photoshopped out of magazine covers and ads for no reason whatsoever. Here are 10 times Jennifer Lawrence's moles were airbrushed off her body that you probably never even noticed: 

1. Joy poster, 2015

2. Dior ad, 2015

3. Entertainment Weekly, 2015

4. Flare, 2013

5. Harper's Bazaar, 2013

6. American Hustle poster, 2013

7. Dior Magazine, 2013

8. Glamour Britain, 2012

9. Parade, 2012

10. Elle, 2012

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