Miley Cyrus Delivered an Emotional Performance of "The Climb" at the March For Our Lives

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Today, thousands turned out for the March For Our Lives in Washington, DC. The demonstrators at the Capitol are joined by others marching at hundreds of sister events all around the country. The March For Our Lives event and initiative was created by student activists in the wake of the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida that took 17 lives.

The DC event has drawn not just marchers and speakers, but also celebrities who want to get involved in the movement as well—among them is Miley Cyrus. The singer, who is an outspoken activist, took to the stage in DC to perform her inspirational hit "The Climb" for the protestors at the rally.

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"Thank you for being here," Miley called to the crowd after her song. "I love you all so much. Never again! You guys are so incredible and I just find myself lucky to be in the presence of all of you wonderful people, fighting for what is right."

Miley has also been posting videos and pictures from the march all day on her personal Instagram account.

Noah, Tish, and Brandi Cyrus all joined Miley for the march. "Surrounded by heroines! Lucky to be here at this moment in history with the ones I love!" she captioned a photo of the four of them together.

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