Chrissy Teigen Shared Adorable Pictures from Luna's Second Birthday Party

Chrissy Teigen posted videos and pictures from Luna Stephens' second birthday party.

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Luna Stephens, the adorable daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, celebrated her second birthday yesterday. Because Chrissy and John ~love~ sharing pictures of Luna all over social media, it's no surprise that Chrissy gave fans a peek at the toddler's birthday festivities.

First, Chrissy posted what might be the cutest Boomerang of all time, featuring Luna dancing in her party dress while her teal and silver birthday balloons blow in the wind.

Chrissy also made sure to highlight Luna's, um, fashion choices. The birthday girl wore Pampers under her birthday dress, which is fitting, since the diaper company made a donation to Luna's favorite llama charity as a birthday gift.

"Thank you @pamperspure for helping celebrate our big girl’s 2nd birthday! Luna’s rocking her llama diaper under this birthday suit!" Chrissy captioned the short clip. "Aaaaaannnnd Pampers made a donation to the Southeast Llama Rescue in honor of this day. Thanks for making her day so special! #llamabutt forever!"

Chrissy also shared a snap of Luna's bizarrely-impressive, three-tiered Sesame Street-themed birthday cake. The cake features a different character with Cookie Monster serving as the giant bottom layer, Big Bird sitting in the middle, and Elmo proudly and perfectly topping the cake.

Even more impressive? Chrissy and John helped make and decorate the cake themselves, as Chrissy explained in the photo's caption.

"Thank you @duffscakemix and @tianasakona for helping us make this amazing cake for Luna! Ok so you did most the work but those eyes and half of cookie’s fur is all john and I!"

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