Beyhive Mistakes Rachael Ray for Rachel Roy in Pursuit of Jay Z's Side Chick

Leave cooking goddess Rachael Ray out of this.

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Sometimes the internet truly delivers the best gifts! Today, our Christmas in April presents came in the form of some members of the BeyHive misdirecting their fury at fashion designer/supposed other woman who got between Jay and Bey, Rachel Roy, onto cooking goddess, magazine empresario, and rescuer of adorable pit bulls, Rachael Ray. 

It goes like this: When fashion designer Rachel Roy responded to Beyoncé's Lemonade with an Instagram some saw as an admission that she was the woman Jay cheated on Bey with, Beyoncé fans ~lost it~ on Roy. However, some fans read the name "Rachel Roy" as "Rachael Ray" and proceeded to bomb Kitchen Queen Rachael Ray's Instagram with bee and lemon emoji, the universal signifiers of their Queen Bee. Basically, they poured lemonade all over the wrong woman, and Rachael Ray probably had to pull her gorgeous face away from the most delicious plate of bucatini ever to say, "Wait? What's a Jay Z? Is that a new Riesling?" (J/K, Rachael totally knows who Jay Z is. She knows everything; even how to make a delicious vegan chili!)

Here's the BeyHive bombarding Ray with lemons and bees and Rachael's fans defending her with a 🍴 emoji. It's an epic battle! If Dungeons and Dragons were this fun, I'd play all day, everyday:

Thankfully, some other Bey fans came to their rescue and set the record straight:

And perhaps the best, and truest, tweet of all time:

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