David and Victoria Beckham Let Harper Do Their Makeup

Harper Beckham gave her famous parents, David and Victoria Beckham, makeovers on Instagram stories this week. Cruz Beckham also sings—what a talented family!

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David and Victoria Beckham are supportive parents. They're willing to go the extra mile to be there for their kids, even when that means offering themselves up as guinea pigs for their hobbies.

Harper, who is six-and-a-half-years-old, has gotten into makeup and that means makeovers for David and Victoria and adorable Instagram Stories for the rest of us. Behold.

Victoria closed her eyes and sat, totally serene, as Harper painted a giant purple circle on her forehead (clearly this is the next Instagram beauty trend). "Future makeup artist?" the mom/amazing sport captioned the picture.

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In a second snap of the makeover session, Victoria spilled Harper's inspiration—the emoji cat. “So creative!!!” she captioned the second image. “Harper wants to turn me into the emoji cat!”

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Not to be outdone, dad David also took a seat in Harper's makeup chair for a beauty session. The six-year-old proceeded to bedazzle her father's famous face with leopard spots and glitter because she has a vision and she's not afraid to see it through.

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Obviously, Harper has a future in professional makeup if that's the path she wants to take. Wisely, however, she's not tying herself to one specific career just yet. She's also considering going into the family business and becoming a fashion designer like her mom.

Yes, she already has a portfolio, and yes, it's adorable.

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Victoria also showed off her 13-year-old son Cruz's talent on Instagram, with a video of him singing that actually makes us wonder when he'll release a single.

Talent of all kinds clearly runs in the family.

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