The U.S. Olympic Swim Team Does Carpool Karaoke

Here for Nathan Adrian singing the Pokémon theme song.

Sure, it's no "Call Me Maybe, (opens in new tab)" but the USA Olympic swim team is back at it with the musical shenanigans, this time doing their own take on Carpool Karaoke. Come for Ryan Lochte's dance moves...

...stay for Nathan Adrian going HAM on the Pokémon theme song at the 5:00 minute mark... because NATHAN ADRIAN. And because it also looks like this:

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(Image credit: Marie Claire)


And then settle in for Michael Phelps and the rest of his hot Olympian friends doing their best Miley Cyrus at the 5:30 mark.

And for a bout of's 2012's "Call Me Maybe" masterpiece:

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Sally Holmes
Sally Holmes

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