Meghan Markle Told Friend Daniel Martin About the Royal Wedding With a Bride Emoji

"Hey, what are you doing May 19?" she initially wrote.

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Close friend of the Duchess of Sussex and makeup artist for the Royal wedding Daniel Martin appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday, to spill on what it’s really like to be friends with Meghan Markle and how her stunning bridal look came to be. But how exactly does a future royal go about telling her BFF that they’re invited to be part of one of history’s most iconic days?

Markle, she’s just like you and me. You know, minus the successful celebrity acting career, the worldwide adoration and the handsome Prince for a husband. She does communicate through emojis though, so at least we have that in common.

You might think that royal protocol would mean the news had to be broken within a golden letter via carrier pigeon, or delivered by the Queen’s personal sky-writing plane, but Meghan opted for something way more chill.

Martin revealed: "She [texted and] was, like, ‘Hey, what are you doing May 19?’” The second sweet and simple message was even more relatable. "And then she sent me two emojis of the bride and groom.” Of course, the MUA was more than down for helping out a friend with the biggest job of his life. "I was, like, 'OK, yeah, whatever you need’,” Daniel recalled.

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Martin also went on to share a few personal memories from back on May 19th, and it sounds like he and Meghan shared the dream, stress-free wedding morning. Describing their pre-wedding time as “very chill”, he revealed: We had breakfast. Guy, her dog was with us. We were playing around with him," he continued, "It was a very chill morning ... her mom was there, which was amazing.”

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