HBO's 'Game of Thrones' Election Is NOT Going the Way You'd Expect

Sorry, we just can't believe this character is winning.


If you need a break from thinking about the Presidential election, HBO has you covered. The network has launched the "GOT Party" campaign to promote Season 6's release on digital platforms. More importantly, the campaign allows fans of the series to vote for their favorite candidate from the Game of Thrones universe.

HBO is taking the race for the Iron Throne very seriously—so seriously, in fact, that they've released campaign ads for the four candidates in contention to rule Westeros. Dany, Jon, Cersei, and Littlefinger are all on the ballot, along with their "running mates" (Tyrion, Lyanna Mormont, Qyburn, and Sansa, respectively). Watch each candidate's ad below:

Dany aka The Breaker of Chains

[youtube ][/youtube]

Jon aka The White Wolf

[youtube ][/youtube]

Cersei aka The Lioness

[youtube ][/youtube]

Baelish aka Lord Littlefinger

[youtube ][/youtube]

As of Aug. 13, Petyr Baelish (yes, Littlefinger) is in the lead with 34 percent of the vote. We have to assume having the epically awesome Sansa Stark as a running mate is helping his numbers. Dany and Jon are tied for second with 32 percent each and Cersei, who is technically the incumbent, is in dead last with 1 percent.

You have until Aug. 31 to cast your vote though, so vote now to support your favorite character and check back Sept. 1 for the results.

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