Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's Wedding Date May Have Been Decoded by Fans

It's really soon.

If you needed any more proof that the government should probably just hand things over to teenage fangirls if they wanna get shit done, Ariana Grande stans are convinced they’ve cracked the code to the secret date that Grande will wed fiancé Pete Davidson. Next up, they can deal with the country’s finances, global relations and maybe solve Brexit for the UK, too.

Seeing as the Ariana/Pete relationship has so far has been a total whirlwind, with a surprise engagement following just weeks of dating, it’s no real surprise to hear that the rumored wedding date is very, very soon.

The fan theory is a solid one, and makes a strong argument for the prospect of Grande and Davidson trying the knot on August 4, 2018. Yeah, as in two weeks away. All roads seem to point to the 4th, as 8418 has become a significant and poignant code to the couple. It’s the badge number of the comedian’s late father, who died during the attacks on September 11. In tribute to his life, both Pete and Ariana have both recently had the numbers tattooed, while Ari also wears them on a necklace.

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So 8418 when written in a date format? 8/4/18. This is why I should never read conspiracy theories, because now I will never accept the idea that this is just a coincidence. THE COUNTDOWN IS ON.

In case you closed your eyes for a long nap and missed it, Ariana and Pete's relationship became public back in May, but the couple originally met on Saturday Night Live in 2016. Since then they've been endlessly loved up, with matching Harry Potter robes, dedicated tattoos and of course, an engagement ring to cement their future together. Catch you guys walking down the Hogwarts-themed aisle on August 4?


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