Princess Beatrice's Secret Instagram Account Was Accidentally Exposed by Karlie Kloss


Karlie Kloss Princess Beatrice
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Everyone knows that Karlie Klossis an official member of the exclusive Taylor Swift squad, but did you know that she’d also been inducted into the British royal family? Turns out the supermodel is also close friends with actual Princess Beatrice, a.k.a. Prince Harry’s cousin.

Kloss was naturally keen to share the news that she and long-term boyfriend Joshua Kushner are newly engaged. While spilling the secret to her loved ones, Karlie decided to screenshot each of their shocked-happy-face reactions to share across social media—but probably should have given a little more thought to sharing the post featuring her very royal, very important friend, Beatrice.

Posting the Princess’s reaction to her Stories, Karlie went ahead and tagged Princess Beatrice’s top secret, personal Instagram account to 7.5 million followers. Whoopsies. Unsurprisingly, the account is already privated under lock and key, with just over 650 followers and a casual, candid shot of Beatrice as the user picture.

Princess Beatrice reacts to Karlie Kloss's engagement news.

(Image credit: Instagram)

Princess Beatrice has a secret Instagram account.

(Image credit: Instagram)

Technically, Princess Beatrice isn’t breaking any kind of royal protocol by having an Instagram page. It’s only royals with formal working roles such as Prince HarryPrince WilliamKate Middleton, and Meghan Markle who are forbidden from having their own social media accounts. Meghan deleted all traces of her previously huge social media platforms back in January, while Beatrice’s younger sister, Princess Eugenie, is the only British royal with a known and public Instagram.

Anyone else feel like they might be slowly driven to insanity at the prospect of never knowing the secret wonders this Instagram account must hold? And is anyone else now wondering whether the entire young royal family have secret Instagram accounts that we all need to track down ASAP? This is torture.

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