Meghan Markle's Birthday Holds a Special Meaning for the Queen Already

August 4 has a place in Her Majesty's heart.

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Later this week, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle will turn 37 for her birthday on August 4, and it’s a rule that we all have to wear off-shoulder dresses, soft smokey eyes and faux freckles in celebration. But, as well as Friday marking the milestone of Meghan’s first birthday as royalty, the day already has a special meaning to the royal family— particularly to The Queen herself. Queen Elizabeth II will be thinking fondly of her own late mom, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon or The Queen Mother, who coincidentally shared the same birthday as Meghan, 81 years apart.

The Queen Mother was born on August 4, 1900, and lived until 2002. She shared a close bond with her two daughters, Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, and passed away with Elizabeth by her side at the impressive age of 101. There’s no doubt that, as well as wishing Meghan a very happy birthday, Her Majesty will also be marking the special, bittersweet date and remembering her mother.

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It’s thought that, along with the one million other royal rules and regulations, traditional protocol states that the monarchy may only have a small family celebration at home, rather than throwing any lavish parties. Last year, Harry scored major boyfriend points by whisking Meghan off on an African safari to celebrate, but this year Meghan and Harry are thought to have other plans ready for her 37th birthday.

After a cup of tea and a slice of cake in bed (surely), the newlyweds are reportedly expected to appear at a friend’s wedding in Surrey, England. One of Harry’s closest friends from school, Charlie van Straubenzee, is tying the knot and Hello! reports that the Duke is even thought to be acting as best man to his pal. Prince William and Kate Middleton are also thought to be on the guest list.

Side note: That must be one super chill, laid back bride to have a beloved Duchess celebrating her first royal birthday at their wedding.


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