Sophie Turner Posted an Adorable PDA Picture with Joe Jonas on Her Instagram Story


You know that couple on your Instagram feed who you kind of hate but you're also just deeply jealous of what they have? Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are that couple, but for everyone in the world.

In their latest random act of cuteness, Sophie has posted a PDA-lite shot to her Instagram that's so sweet you'll need to book a dentist appointment after you look at it. In the shot, Joe nuzzles in on Sophie's shoulder, while she wears a giant puffer jacket and a face that says, "Oh, yep, this is what true love is."

She even put some twinkle star emojis in the bottom corner, just for good measure, in case anyone couldn't tell that the shot is actual magic. It's so cute it's almost gross.


This is far from the first time Sophie and Joe have showed off their eternal cuteness. They showed off a bunch of enviable PDA at the 2018 tennis U.S. Open earlier this month. They kissed:


They snuggled:

Adrian EdwardsGetty Images

They acted like goofballs. You know, everything you could want from a post-high school cutest couple.

GothamGetty Images

Just a few days ago, Joe posted pictures on his own Instagram account that showed him hanging out with his brother, Nick Jonas, and his soon-to-be sister-in-law, Priyanka Chopra. So here's hoping that Nick and Priyanka are on whatever cold weather (probably ski-related) adventure Joe and Sophie got all snuggly on because their double dates give us life.

Case in point, their double date, also to the U.S. Open aka the Jonas Brother date hub:

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