Jack Brooksbank and Prince Andrew's Wedding Speeches to Princess Eugenie Sound So Emotional

But there were some great jokes, too.

Princess Eugenie Of York Marries Mr. Jack Brooksbank
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Just as your poor tear ducts were finally beginning to recover from yesterday’s beautifully romantic royal wedding between Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, news of the speeches from their afternoon reception has been shared from guests at the celebration. Sigh, let's just say you should probably reach for the tissues again, because they sound SO emotional.

After a morning of perfectly understated, sweet moments between the newlyweds that were enough to turn even the coldest of hearts to complete jelly, The Queen hosted a large and lavish reception in Windsor Castle’s luxury banqueting rooms. Delicious finger food was served for the impressive number of 800 plus guests, and the finest champagne flowed amongst tables before groom, Jack Brooksbank, and father of the bride, Prince Andrew, took time to toast the room.

While you might expect the speeches to be somewhat formal and proper, it sounds as though they were completely heartfelt. Jack's former headmaster, Anthony Wallersteiner (also chair of Street Child, a charity the Duchess of York, Eugenie and Beatrice work closely with), told Hello! that the groom, who'd been overcome with emotion through the ceremony, made sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

"For a young man of 32 to be that open about his emotions, was quite affecting,” MrWallersteiner revealed. “He talked about how she is the one light of his life. She makes him complete and he can't imagine spending a day apart. Everyone cried - Eugenie's eyes went too. I mean she wasn't sobbing. It was just lovely, sweet, short and modern."

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And, for a little extra drama during his “really lovely speech”, Jack apparently even jumped up on his chair while telling one of his favorite stories. "Someone yelled over that he should get off the chair, so then he jumped back down again,” another insider spilled. Hey, no wedding is complete without some raucous chair-mounting.

As for father of the bride, Prince Andrew, it sounds as though his speech for daughter Eugenie was equally unforgettable, described by onlookers as both “light-hearted and moving”. Hello!'s anonymous source, allegedly a guest at wedding, told how: "Prince Andrew gave a great father-of-the-bride speech, there was some great anecdotes from childhood and all the way through to current affairs."

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They continued: "He also touched upon how the dynamics of their relationship works. The one thing that made me cry was the Duke, when he said he was going to do something he's never done before; he went over to his new son-in-law and hugged him. He isn't a very tactile person."

According to PEOPLE, the Duke of York also cracked a pretty great one-liner at his new son-in-law's expense. “The Duke told a story about their dog Jack [a Norfolk terrier],” a source at the wedding shared. “One day, I think it was early in the relationship, he shouted ‘Jack, get off the chair!’ And the dog didn’t move. But Jack did!”

Princess Eugenie Of York Marries Mr. Jack Brooksbank

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Jack’s old headmaster, Mr Wallersteiner also added how Prince Andrew made a super dad-esque comment about "having to clear up endless Barbie dolls” when Eugenie and Beatrice were younger. Apparently, he thought he knew how to keep a ship shape as a naval officer but argued “try doing that to a teenage girl's bedroom.”

Dog jokes! Barbie jokes! I wish the Duke of York was my dad—mainly for the open access to unlimited wedding tiaras, but also for the cute speech.

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