Meghan Markle's Pregnancy News Was Announced on Fergie's Birthday


Sarah Ferguson
Getty Images least they gave her the weekend? Fresh off the glorious day that was her daughter Princess Eugenie's wedding, Sarah Ferguson was probably all ready to celebrate her 59th birthday on Monday—until the Palace announced Meghan Markle's pregnancy news. On Fergie's birthday. Now, I wouldn't be overly thrilled about this if I were Fergie, especially given that Harry and Meghan broke the news to the royal family on Eugenie's wedding day and kinda-sorta-definitely overshadowed her daughter's big moment...but maybe Fergie is less petty than I am? Here's hoping.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Fergie is happy about Meghan and Harry's big news! (I mean, how could you not be?) But also, this was probably meant to be Fergie's week. Not only did she get to be the mother of the bride for the very first time Friday, showing up resplendent in emerald and glowing with pride, she also helped host Saturday's festival/fun fair festivities, just in time for her birthday on Monday. Considering that Fergie has never been shy about wanting the spotlight for herself and for her daughters, there's probably a part of her (even a small part!) that is like, Really, guys? Now? Really?

Also, maybe Fergie chose to congratulate the parents-to-be in private ( her daughter's wedding, no less), but she hasn't said a word about Meghan's pregnancy on her social media page, though she's posted three times this morning already. (It's just gone lunchtime in the U.K., for context.)

I mean, Fergie, nobody would blame you for being a little bit miffed. Even though Eugenie's wedding was the first time since May that the entire royal family has been together, and Meghan and Harry probably had to share the news then. Even though you're absolutely, definitely, totally happy for Meghan and Harry and their no doubt adorable child. Even so!

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